Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer Fun

I need to be better at documenting the funny things Miss L. Does.
We asked her if she was going to be good (after smacking a child with a book the day before)
her response was "I don't think so." perhaps I should find her honesty refreshing?

Annoucing loudly in public restrooms:

  • It stinks in here -another lady responds - it sure does
  • Mom don't talk to me when I am trying to poop
  • Mommy do you need to poop?

My sister's husband is an avid hunter, he has three deer head on the walls of their home (different rooms). L says "look mom reindeer" sure sweetie.

While testing out chairs at pier one, she let a woman know "I sure do love comfy chairs" , right after that she knocked over a display vase (thankfully it was wicker)

Can't wait to see what happens on our Road Trip to PA!

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