Friday, December 31, 2010

Private Sessin with Natalie Brown

I took a 2-hour private session with Natalie Brown of Delirium tribal. My Best friend Erin's teacher. She was totally worth the $50 an hour rate and the music survey I had to do to save for it.
started at 10am at dogtown dance, (references, pee pee dance, 2nd toe, flashlight in vagina to ceiling)
Focusing on Strength exercise with modifications for disabilities.
Started warm up with blackeyed peas, knew I was in love with Natalie and why Erin loved her so much!

start with toes pointed out, knees over toe (reference 2nd toe frequently)
knees bent, into squat, bring body down while still straight and core strong ass over heels. swope arms up over head, repeat, and increase speed

switch to one side rotate, into lung. Back leg straight with heel pointing to ceiling. Swope arms down up and around, repeat. eventually you will lift front foot off ground too.

second toe forward knees bent, plia, bend knees arms swope repeat
ballet 5th same moves
pigeon toed same moves repeat
lay in floor feel low low abs, do not engage gluts
leg shaking is normal gets out toxins
touch toes legs bent back to table top, back down to floor bending is fine

tribal vs. Suhalia
tribal low back motivated like bra line
suhalia - squeeze shoulder blades ... feel nate's tattoo


sit on floor , scrunch up abs
use wall to get the up hip down knee movement.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


wanted to share. i had no idea about this. and my team for the jingle bell run
came in first place for overall fund-raising

im honored

more on the 12/4 race to come with photos
RRRC Race Results - Richmond Road Runners