Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Owning my mess

Owning my mess

This is going to be interesting! A few months ago I entered a web contest: you submitted photos of your clutter and if you won it the prize was a consultation from A Sorted Affair (

Being brave, I snapped three photos of our home office from my Blackberry so as to not to tip off my husband as to what I was about to do. I sent over the photos of the mess, the books, the toys, the dusty exercise equipment (don't judge me!) - you name it, it was crammed in the office.

A few weeks later, I received an email telling me I WON!. At this point, however, I wasn't sure I was happy to win. How would I explain to my husband what I had done? It was only three photos - was our mess that so bad that I won? Apparently, yes. (If I can muster up the courage I might share the photos here. No promises.)

I causally mentioned to my husband that I had won this contest. He was less than thrilled, and I never brought it up again. Pleased husband or not, last week the wonderful ladies from A Sorted Affair were coming came to my house to take a look. I meet them at my house and let them in.

When they were done looking at the office and the kitchen (where the overflow items, bills, etc., needed to make their way back to the office), they cheerfully assured me that I was not their worst client (I think they tell that to everyone – can I say it again?) and said, "Well, let's see the rest." I panicked. Weren't they only here to see my office? The thoughts of hitting snooze so many times earlier that morning and, of pajamas's thrown on the floor in my haste to get ready were making me sick. Did they really want to see it ALL? They sure did: they wanted no secrets! They saw my guest room, the closets, under the sinks, you know all the places you hide things when you need to quickly straighten up for company.

I explained to the lovely ladies, who had by now seen more than I would show my best friend, that any and all of their suggestions for my mess must be arthritis- friendly: not heavy lifting, easily accessible. They promised to get back to me in a few weeks.

Once I get their suggestions, I will share them with you in hopes that you may also find them valuable and will not have end up with a mess like I have. When I don't feel good the mess and clutter must wait, but I guess it has been waiting for me for too long, and now its time it was tackled!. But don’t be disappointed if I may only share After photos!

My husband has no idea that they came over! He doesn't read my blog, but if by chance he does, hey honey! I love you so much and you know you love me!